Mac Maintenance Tips and Software Utilities

Mac Maintenance Tips

Mac users should perform monthly tune-ups to have their Macs running smoothly and efficiently. And from time to time, you may need to pull-out the big guns because you have not been tuning-up your Mac on a regular basis.

There are a couple of programs that you can purchase, install and run on your Mac that may provide a solution for Mac issues or problems.

The two software options that have been available to Mac users for many years are Techtool and DiskWarrior. Features of each piece of Mac utility software are listed below.

Micromat Techtool

  • Drive repair
  • Data recovery
  • Optimization
  • Maintenance
  • One-click Diagnostic

Alsoft DiskWarrior

  • Eliminate directory damage
  • Disk directory repair
  • Recover files and folders
  • Repairs damaged boot blocks
  • Blesses the system folder to ensure that your Mac will start from repaired disk Compatible with OS X versions up to Snow Leopard Not Compatible with OS X Lion

Mac Tune-Up Tip Articles

There is a great article from the TechRepublic that is a must read for all Mac users titled Seven maintenance tips to optimize Mac performance. This article written by Vincent Danen offers his top seven tips to keep your Mac healthy along with his recommended tools and best practices, which include:

  • Backing up with Apple's Time Machine and Time Capsule to schedule backups
  • Updating software with OS X Software Update and installed third-party applications
  • Run Permissions Repair with Disk Utility
  • Using free utility tools
  • Restarting your Mac
  • Hard drive free space (the 10% rule)
  • Removing unnecessary login items

And straight from the source, Apple provides Mac Maintenance Quick Assist tips.

Malware on OS X

Contrary to popular belief, Macs running OS X are susceptible to malware just like computers with Windows installed. Computer security expert Graham Cluely reports in his article 10 years of Mac OS X malware that,"...according to researchers at ESET, new Mac malware variants continue to be seen every week, putting Mac users who don’t defend their computers at risk of data loss or having their computer compromised by an attack."

Be proactive and protect your Mac!